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Joseph P. Newhouse
John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management, HKS and HSPH; Professor of Health Care Policy, HMS
phone: (617)496-9307
fax: (617)496-2860
Academic Journal/Scholarly Articles
Bensimon, Arielle G., Miguel A. Hernan, Teresa Gibson, Vicki Fung, Michael Chernew, Mary B. Landrum, Joseph P. Newhouse, Mark Schuster, and John Hsu. "Comparative Effectiveness of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Against Cervical Abnormalities by Dose Level in a Cohort of Privately-Insured U.S. Girls." Value in Health 18.3 (May 2015).
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines prevent infection with the most cancer-causing HPV types. However, many age-eligible girls do not initiate or complete the three-dose regimen. There is limited information on the magnitude of protection provided by partial-vaccination. We sought to empirically estimate the effect of HPV vaccination by dose (0, 1, 2 or 3) on cervical abnormality rates in a screening cohort of privately-insured U.S. girls (N=234,829).




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