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Robert N. Stavins
A.J. Meyer Professor of Energy and Economic Development
phone: (617)495-1820
Book Chapters
Ji, Zou, T. Brewer, M.C. Grant, M. Elzen, M. Finus, J. Gupta, N. Hohne, M.K. LEE, A. Michaelowa, M. Paterson, K. Ramakrishna, R. Stavins, G. Wen, J. Wiener, and H. Winkler. "International Cooperation: Agreements and Instruments." Climate Change 2014: Mitigation. Cambridge University Press, January 2015.
This latest Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will again form the standard reference for all those concerned with climate change and its consequences, including students, researchers and policy makers in environmental science, meteorology, climatology, biology, ecology, atmospheric chemistry and environmental policy.




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