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Robert D. Putnam
Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy, HKS and FAS, Emeritus
phone: (617)495-0539
fax: (617)495-1589
Research Papers/Reports
Putnam, Robert D. "Closing the Opportunity Gap." 2016.
The Saguaro Seminar is a research initiative that brings together leading thinkers and practitioners to develop actionable ideas for civic renewal. In 2015, the Seminar launched the Closing the Opportunity Gap initiative. The initiative convened five working groups of roughly a dozen of the country’s leading experts in each of five areas: family and parenting, early childhood, K-12 education, community institutions, and “on-ramps,” like community college or apprenticeships. These non-partisan white papers distill the best evidence-based ideas for narrowing the opportunity gap.




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