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Fredrik Logevall
Laurence D. Belfer Professor of International Affairs
phone: (617)496-5126
Book Chapters
Domestic Politics
Logevall, Fredrik. "Domestic Politics." Explaining the History of American Foreign Relations. Ed. Costigliola, Frank, and Michael J. Hogan. Cambridge University Press, 2016, 151-167.

Publication Categorized as: Politics: Elections, Participation, Advocacy, and Social Movements, Institutions of Government - U.S., International Relations
Vietnam: Flawed Decisions, Terrible Consequences
Logevall, Fredrik. "Vietnam: Flawed Decisions, Terrible Consequences." Major Problems in American History, Volume II. Ed. Cobbs-Hoffman, Elizabeth, and Edward J. Blum. Wadsworth Publishing, January 2016, 399.

Publication Categorized as: International Relations

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