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Scott Mainwaring
Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor for Brazil Studies
phone: (617)496-4196
fax: (617)495-4948
Academic Journal/Scholarly Articles
Party System Institutionalization, Party Collapse, and Party Building
Mainwaring, Scott. "Party System Institutionalization, Party Collapse, and Party Building." Government and Opposition 51 No. 4 (2016): 691-716.

Publication Categorized as: Democracy and Democratization, Institutions of Government - Comparative and International, Governance, Democratic Theory
Extra- and Within-System Electoral Volatility
Mainwaring, Scott, with Carlos Gervasoni and Annabella España Najera. "Extra- and Within-System Electoral Volatility." Party Politics (January 2016).

Publication Categorized as: Political Philosophy, Theory, and Ethics

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