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Arthur Isak Applbaum
Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values
phone: (617)495-8058
fax: (617)495-4297
Academic Journal/Scholarly Articles
The Idea of Legitimate Authority in the Practice of Medicine
Applbaum, Arthur Isak. "The Idea of Legitimate Authority in the Practice of Medicine." AMA Journal of Ethics 19.2 (February 2017): 207-213.

Publication Categorized as: Political Philosophy, Theory, and Ethics, Medical Ethics, Moral Reasoning
Book Chapters
Professional Detachment: The Executioner of Paris
Applbaum, Arthur Isak. "Professional Detachment: The Executioner of Paris." Public Ethics. Ed. Richard Bellamy and Antonino Palumbo. Routledge, 2017.

Publication Categorized as:

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