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Message from the Academic Dean

Welcome to the Spring 2017 Faculty Research Digest, a compilation of selected new faculty publications authored by Harvard Kennedy School faculty members during calendar year 2016.

This Digest is a rich resource for scholars, students, journalists, and decision makers interested in the latest research and analysis on the wide range of urgent public policy and leadership challenges confronting contemporary societies. The scholarship featured in this Digest reflects the broad scope and intellectual vigor of the Kennedy School community. You will find citations to articles, books, and working papers on myriad topics – from how to make democracy work more effectively, to how to create shared, sustainable prosperity, to how to better understand and harness the forces reshaping our world. The Digest also provides readers with access to abstracts and downloadable full-text papers where available.

The work summarized in this Digest testifies to our collective commitment to producing scholarship that is both exacting and highly relevant. We believe that such ideas and insights are a fundamental resource to help decision makers and citizens in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors across the globe shape a common future that is better than today.

Archon Fung
Academic Dean
Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship

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