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Faculty Research Working Paper Series
Matthew Andrews
Edward S. Mason Senior Lecturer in International Development
phone: (617)384-8039
An Ends-Means Approach to Looking At Governance
Andrews, Matthew. "An Ends-Means Approach to Looking At Governance." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP14-022, April 2014.
This paper synthesizes the approach I take to looking at governance in nations states. The approach emphasizes ends as the starting point for any view of governance. (Asking about what governments do rather than how they do them). I also emphasize means; but in thinking about what it takes to produce ends, not as stand-alone factors. I provide some detail on the specific ends and means I look at in nation states and promote the idea of using governance dashboards and narratives to look at governance (not hold-all indicators). I also discuss how my approach might be useful in the current discussions about including a governance indicator in the post 2015 development goals. I expect that some will disagree and even disapprove with the approach I discuss, but I hope that the approach nonetheless offers a useful contribution to current discussions.



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